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What are our clients saying?

Client Reviews:


"From our first experience was with our first Corgi with a severe back condition. Now with Dixie, we're always happy with the service."

     Kandy D., June 2022


"Can't say enough about the staff. Always caring, kind and patient. My dog is my baby and I trust them 100% with his care. Also, the facility itself is always very clean and well maintained."

     Barbara M., June 2022


"Your office listens to what the dog owners concerns are. I also Love how you guys get to know my dogs to gain their trust."

     Victoria L., May 2022


"They were great!"

     John R., April 2022


"We have always had the best loving care and treatment with each visit!  I wouldn't dream of taking Murphy & Maximus anywhere else!!  With Max's health issues - I'm so glad I have a great knowledgeable and caring staff to rely on!"

     Sheila P., April 2022


"All the veterinarians are very knowledgeable and provide exceptional care to my furbabies. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, too."

     Kathi K., March 2022


"My pets are treated in a caring manner with quality care. Exams are thorough & all questions & concerns are addressed. Staff are professional and knowledgeable. I completely trust the staff with my pets & I would not go anywhere else."

     Patti D., March 2022


"You all are the most kind and compassionate people!  You care for our pets and us like we are family!"

     Maggie P., March 2022


"Your professionalism,expertise and personal attention to the animal as well as its human owner are outstanding!"

     Mary Lynne P., March 2022


"The staff and vets are always great with my pets and take the time to thoroughly examine them and determine the best way to care for my animals."

     Lynn F., March 2022


"The staff there is always very kind to my cat, Jameson. Jameson has a slight neurological condition, and he is prone to constipation. The staff have helped tremendously on working with me to provide preventative care so he doesn't get sick."

     Amanda C., February 2022


"I have been going there for over 20 years. I have seen all of the doctors there. They are all perfect. I have recommended them many times. I cannot imagine any place being any better."

     Sue B., February 2022


"Best staff around!"

     Sarah L., January 2022


"Everyone at Greener Pastures is always friendly, kind, helpful and knowledgeable.  They care for our pets like our pets are part of their family."

     Lynne B., January 2022


"Treated animals nice, friendly."

     Stacy C., December 2021


"Good service."

     Denise G., December 2021


"We have always received very professional, caring service. Ellie May is very important to me. She is my best friend and my child and I want the best for her. I know your staff loves her too."

     Mary Beth G., December 2021


"Everyone and everything is top notch at Greener Pastures. Always helpful, friendly, and understanding."

     Shannon C., October 2021


"Always thoughtful and caring!  Thank you!"

      Ruth P., August 2021


"Just love the care my pet receives there from the front desk to the dr. So very happy with my boys dr and staff best care around thank you all for the love you show my boy!"

     John L., July 2021


"They took their time to explain things and they were very gentle and friendly. We will Definitely be back and with all 3 of our fur babies."

     Amber W., May 2021


"We love Greener Pastures!!  We?ve been to other vets before we started coming here & we were not pleased at all.  So we are very happy we found you guys & will never look back!  :)"

     Emily C., May 2021


"I've never received anything but outstanding service, it's very clear every time I need to use their services that the vets and staff care deeply about both myself and my animals."

     LeeAnn K., April 2021


"The best pet service I have ever encountered."

     Robert D., March 2021


"I saw Dr Kelly. I felt that she listened to & didn't disregard my opinions. This is very important to not only a pet parent with a sick pet, but also as a breeder."

     Heidi A., March 2021


"I love Greener Pastures. I have been taking my dog there since she was a puppy and they are so nice and gentle with her. She will sit in the waiting room and wag her tail because she feels loved and comfortable there."

     Toni Z., March 2021


"You always take good care of our pets and provide caring, thoughtful service."

     Ruth P., December 2020


"I feel that my pets receive the best possible care. Staff are knowledgeable, compassionate & thorough in their examinations. Communication skills are excellent & you leave feeling confident that everything needed is being done for your pet."

     Patti D., November 2020


"I have always been pleased with the care my pets receive at Greener Pastures. The office staff is top-notch...friendly, kind, and professional. The vet techs and the doctors are all excellent and take the time to answer my questions."

     Aimee D., November 2020


"It was a nice visit with Dr. Rynd.  She was great with Snickers."

     Linda G., November 2020


"Great place great service from Chiropractor for Dog."

     Beckey R., September 2020


"Professional and also personable.  Every question answered and they took time to explain.  Truly care about the animals as well as their owners."

     Mary P., September 2020


"I have brought my pets to Greener Pastures since they opened.  I feel they care about the health of my pets and are very kind in tough situations that we all face when we have pets."

     Carol C., August 2020


"My vet, Kelly Johnston saved Sunny's life twice!!!  Sunny has had many health issues and Kelly is always there to care for him.  She is the best!!!!!  Everyone is very friendly and caring."

     Madlyn O., July 2020


"My old and slightly stinky Boxer is having arthritis issues.  The Doctor sat on the floor with him and gave him a little kiss on the head.  This was his first visit to a new veterinarian."

     Barb H., January 2020


"I always feel welcome and that the health and needs of my pets are very important to all of them also."

     Patti W., October 2019


"I absolutely adore GPVS.  The staff members and doctors, every single one of them, are so kind, warm hearted, and knowledgable.  My pets have been through quite a bit recently and they have always recieved exceptional care here.  Best vet office ever."

     Kelsey S., October 2019


"Prompt, knowledgeable and courteous."

     Johanna S., September 2019


"Very courteous and helpful staff.  Large animal surgical procedures were provided at a very reasonable cost - which is tough to find today.  Staff followed up the day after to check on the animals, which is also a rarity today.  Thank you."

     Terrie S., August 2019


"We have several pets and each one is treated with the same priority and kindness.  We know the whole staff will always make sure our pets receive the best possible care."

     Anonymous, August 2019


"Dr. Leslie was so helpful when I picked up my goats and the following day on the phone. I cannot tell you how much I value her patience with my many questions. Heather was amazing & helped to unload my goats risking getting filthy. Thank you both!"

     Tracy S., June 2019


"Greener Pastures went above and beyond my expectations. I came in for a second opinion, with very little hope. And left with a smile and knowledge that my pet is going to get the best care, and a long and healthy life. Thanks to the great staff."

     Tina S., May 2019


"Great service, as always!"

     LeeAnn K., May 2019


"I adored Dr. Mulvaney.  I have Shar-Pei, who can be a bit fussy with strangers.  She was patient and took her time to gain my dog's trust.  I didn't feel rushed.  Not only did she listen to my concerns, she was open to learning about the breed, too.  Rare!"

     Anonymous, January 2019


"I felt like everyone was concerned for Chloe and took great care of her."

     Linda H., September 2018


"Always treated with the utmost care and consideration!"

     Jeanne G., September 2018


"Everyone at Greener Pastures is very kind and helpful! Everything is explained clearly. The staff take the time with you to make sure all of your concerns are taken care of! They really care about your pets!"

     Melanie S., August 2018


"I always feel welcomed and know Chloe is being loved and taken care of with every visit. The staff is always friendly and there for us for whatever we need for Chloe."

     Chris T., July 2018


"Overall the years we have been using GPVS for our pet's needs, we have only experienced excellent care from the front desk to the tech's to the Doctors. No question is ever too small and they do all they can to make life easier for the pet owner."

     Jocelyn M., June 2018


"The front desk staff is always friendly and attentive. The techs and doctors are caring and take the time to listen and respond to concerns. This is the third pet I've taken to Greener Pastures and I have always been pleased with the care and service."

     Anonymous, April 2018


"Staff is above and beyond courteous and kind! Special thanks this month to Dr. Kelly who fielded an after hours on-call concern I had for my Chihuahua, and many, many thanks to Dr. Christy for spending extra time with my Labrador!"

     Lynnda B., April 2018


"I really appreciate that the Veterinarian remembers both dogs names and their history. She is always very open with me and provides guidance . I feel she takes extra time to learn more about a very uncommon dog breed for this area. Thanks."

     Joe H., April 2018


"I love the atmosphere at Greener Pastures. I brought my eight year old cat in for his first visit. He'd been going to a different location and despised every visit. He actually appeared to like this visit, and the vet - no hissing or spitting. ;)"

     Barb W., April 2018


"I have been a client here for twenty plus years and have always received great care for my variety of pets, large and small."

     Ona M., April 2018


"My dog was sick and we received an appointment right away. Dr. Heidi Nicolls was awesome with my dog, very thorough and kind. She even called me in the evening to follow up."

     Jodi M., March 2018


"Great service."

     Tammy M., March 2018


"Everyone is courteous and kind.  Your pet is treated like it is their pet.  You might pay a little more here but it is worth every cent.  Highly Recommend."

     Jim W., March 2018


"We have brought our pets here for years and they have consistently received excellent treatment and care."

     Richard B., February 2018


"Best staff, vets and vet techs around!"

     Brianne L., February 2018


"As always, we received good care for Poppy - and the other dogs when they are there!  Thanks for all you do!!"

     Ruth P., January 2018


"I trust and value their input.  Their care for your pets and you is above and beyond what you expect."

     Tabitha L., January 2018


"Dr. Johnson has been amazing with Gino and I couldn't ask for a better staff when it comes to caring for my baby. Thank you all so much!"

     Michelle P., January 2018 


"They are always able to schedule appointments on short notice if needed, listen to concerns and offer treatment choices, provide 24 hour emergency treatment.  Would recommend greener pastures to others."

     Margaret C., January 2018


"Very professional staff and friendly towards me and my dog.  Also a very clean atmosphere."

     Jay and Cheryl S., January 2018